Ningbo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. plans to fly the North Plains Millennium town located Yao "Shun" Hometown of God "mazhu", about 45 kilometers east of Ningbo City, about 25 km Hemudu site, the registered capital of 3 million yuan, the company is a registered trademark for the "Flying Figure. "Born out of Yuyao Alpha Auto Technology Institute, formerly Yuyao Alpha Auto Technology Institute in February 2004 created; is a dynamic set of innovative independent research and development, manufacturing, and sales of specialized in automation systems integration, special assembly and testing systems high-tech enterprise equipment; already has 29 various patents completely independent intellectual property rights; long-term well-known universities and technology development cooperation, in 2012 full cooperation with Zhejiang University, set up a "Zhejiang University Ningbo ITRI industrial Automation Engineering" and "Zhejiang University - plans to fly intelligent industrial automation production line research and development center." The existing staff of 100 people, senior technical personnel accounting for more than 35%, gathering a group of electronics, mechanical design, computer software control, etc. have master's, Ph.D., a senior technical backbone, is a non-standard automation in the field of multi-level, powerful, rich experience in technology development and innovation team, professional assembly processing enterprises to provide tailored automation solutions and comprehensive after-sales service.
Companies with a variety of advanced production, processing, testing and other equipment. The accumulation of years of research and development, manufacturing technology, the sprayer manufacturing automation industry has been able to provide assembled from spare parts to finished products testing and inspection package of industry-specific equipment; automated production equipment to provide electric light Zhejiang Sunshine Group, and further to the power batteries, photovoltaic, cosmetic packaging and other special equipment manufacturing industry development, product marketing and cities and exported to India, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, South Korea, the United States and other countries and regions. Is "science and technology enterprises in Ningbo City," "patent model enterprise in Ningbo City," "wisdom manufacturing pilot enterprises in Ningbo City," "patent model enterprise Yuyao City," "Top Ten science and technology enterprises," the company pursuing a "customer satisfaction, quality and more high "business purpose, and strive to plans to fly into a" first-class management, first-class technology first-class products, "the high-tech enterprises and struggle.
The current operating conditions and experimental facilities of Zhejiang University have been able to meet the demands of project study in the project implementation process basically. Research group and the colleges and institutes of the research group possess state power &electron key laboratory and state engineering research center, auto-national engineering research center and national key laboratory are built to the affiliated disciplines, these laboratories provide circuit simulation, high-speed data acquisition, communication, electrical parameter testing, withstand voltage detection, EMC detection and other experimental facilities &instrument demanded by R&D testing, and offer necessary test site for research project and the implementation of technical proposal.
Member of the project group is engaged in theory and applied research work in the pattern recognition, intelligent control, embedded system, information system and other fields for a long time. Research group has successively presided over Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 project, defense pre-research project and more than 10 other national projects, major special projects of Zhejiang province, science and technology key project of Zhejiang province, natural science fund projects of Zhejiang province, and other multiple ministerial and provincial-level projects, and more than 20 enterprise-cooperated projects. Combined with scientific research, more than 30 papers are published, including more than 20 EI papers. It has obtained 4 national patents, 6 software copyrights, 2 provincial level above appraisal and 2 ministerial and provincial-level second awards. Especially, research group has successively undertaken major special project of Zhejiang province "smart tunnel safety monitoring system based on video detection technique", science and technology key project of Zhejiang province "study on indoor harmful gas clearing device based on adsorption catalysis technique", "embedded regional environmental remote real-time monitoring" and enterprise project "high-voltage switch operating mechanism smart electronics", "integrated automation system of transformer substation", "three-phase power factor controller for electric parameters measuring and its information management system", "data monitoring and fault diagnosis system of Hangzhou iron and steel plant", "high hydraulic valve test system" and other similar or related technical projects, and the completion of these projects lays good foundation for the successful implementation of the project.
System science and control research institute of Zhejiang University possesses complete R&D and testing instrument, e.g., U.S. Tektronix random waveform function generator AFG3101, Tektronix oscillography DPO4034, Hioki signal source SS7012, etc., which can provide necessary study testing conditions for this project. In addition, Zhejiang University also has power electronics national key laboratory and national engineering research center, auto-national engineering research center, national key laboratory, R&D and test instrument owned by other institute, department and research laboratory are available, capable of meeting the needs of research project and technological development. At present, R&D center team of Zhejiang University-Feitu has 3 doctors, 4 masters and 7 bachelors.
1、1. Combined double soft self-assembly testing equipment independently researched and developed in March 2012, Zhejiang Jinma industrial limited company, Wuxi Shengma Science and Technology Ltd., US Rieke company and other cosmetics daily chemical packaging industry.
2、Electric light source automation production equipment researched in June 2013, Zhejiang Sunshine Group.
3、FGD-V medical filter automatic generation device researched in November 2014, US Technimark Precision Casting (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. It awarded the title of the first set within province in 2015.
4、Since March 2014, the all-plastics sprayer intelligent automation complete-set assembly and detection line is the pilot project of automation complete set of equipment in Ningbo city for Ningbo Zhengzhuang Development Co., Ltd.
5、High precision electric impeller welding equipment researched in December 2015, Ningbo Sperandeo Impeller Machinery Co., Ltd.
6、Zhejiang University-Feitu smart automatic industrial manufacturing line jointly researched in August 2015 is the manufacturing center remote real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis system for production line based on Internet of Things, control strategy and resource optimization use are implemented for ERP connection, which carries out real-time monitoring to plant operation process and lays good foundation for industry 4.0.
The company independently researches and develops more than 160 sets of various non-standard automation assembly and detection instrument, and obtains 13 authorized utility models, 10 design patents, 6 patents for invention, and additionally, the company applies 15 patents for invention, the accumulated number of application exceeds 50


Germany-imported triangular coordinatograph
LEICA laser tracking detector
Welding flaw detector
America-imported CNC tool setting gauge
Coverage vortex thickness gauge and belt
Fluctuation tension tester
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